Comments and Compliments

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I was referred to Stephen Hartman from my family doctor for plantar fasciitis. Since my first visit to his office, he and his staff have made me feel very comfortable. I am proud to say I can now walk and work with less pain, even my neighbor's comment on the noticeable difference in my walking. It feels like "heaven on earth" when I get my treatments. Thanks so much to Stephen and his staff!

-Lonny S.

I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and had chronic foot pain resulting from plantar fasciitis for years. After a few laser treatments and orthotics, I noticed a considerable decrease in pain. I am very proud to say that I just completed my first ever 5 km walk with no pain. The Waterloo office is a friendly, courteous, relaxed environment that makes me feel as if I am at the spa. Thanks, Foot Works!

-Sandra G.

Why is podiatric care not covered by OHIP? Does any insurance cover custom orthotics?

-Shirley B.